Staking Feedback

On a high level the update to the voted escrow tokenomics model aims to align the incentives of product users, such as reward campaign owners and campaign participants, with other stakeholders such as THX token holders and the company building the infrastructure, THX Network BV.

All protocol fees and liquidity incentives are routed through one 8020 pool residing on the Balancer protocol but accessible through an user-friendly and THX Network branded interface.

The interface is designed to be used with the THX Network sign-in and non-custodial smart contract wallet based on Safe CORE, making it a seamless experience for both campaign owners, participants and also involving token holders in the product.

Pending legal review and business considerations the following updates will gradually be made:

  • a portion of SaaS fees are swapped for $THX and go into the protocol fee collector
  • stakers in the 8020 pool get ‘veTHX’ which is the new governance token giving you voting rights
  • protocol fee collector funds are claimable by stakers in the 8020 pool, proportional to their staked amount
  • $BAL liquidity rewards are routed to the same 8020 pool
  • gas fees needed for paying rewards will be paid in $THX
  • various growth incentives towards campaign owners (in practice games, game studios or more generally communities looking to grow) and campaign participants such as gamers are directed towards staking $THX in the 8020 pool

*this is an early development preview, with pending changes

Request for feedback:
We’re looking for comments on both the tokenomics updates and the interface. Feel free to comment away!

Read more background on voted escrow tokenomics:

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What a sexy purple page!!:heart_eyes:

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This seems like a great development and very in line with the original tokenomics thinking of THX Network and provides a great incentive for THX token holders to hodl and keep supporting the protocol.

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in line with the original tokenomics thinking of THX Network

Wait till you see the fee split proposal :slight_smile:
I believe it to be the way forward to a (semi-)decentralized network.

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Great news! The updated tokenomics and staking has been released!