Feedback Snapshot Voting Strategy v1.0

The v1.0 voting strategy going live next week is as follows;

$THX on Ethereum
$THX on Polygon
vesting $THX team tokens with a 0.75x voting power (= max. 3,341,250 votes at this moment)

Quorum 3,000,000 votes. Duration 3 days.

The strategy is tested and proven to be working correctly see Snapshot

The aim is to have the v1.1 strategy ready for the next vote which will, in addition to the eligible tokens mentioned above, allow for voting with $THX in the 50/50 and 80/20 Balancer pools on Polygon. This however requires a custom strategy for which we need some help to set up and final feasibility is yet to be determined.

For now, anyone wanting to vote with (staked) tokens in the Polygon Balancer pools is kindly requested to unstake and remove them from the pool in time for the snapshot taken on Monday May 22st 12:00 CET. You can add and stake your tokens back to the pool after the snapshot.

Any feedback on the strategy is appreciated! Pinging @governance-council for visibility.