Funding proposal -> Hardware Bounty Creator


I Phillip request the THX Network community to allocate a $THX budget of $2000 THX to enable a dedicated creator (myself) to purchase much needed hardware for gaming review and other related content for the THX Network community. This would provide me with peace of mind and help support the continued growth of our weekly videos we create and post on platforms like X as highlighted here.


Web3 games that leverage blockchain technology, offer opportunities for ownership, interoperability, and community engagement. More importantly, the transparency and immutability provided by blockchain technology designed to enhance trust between developers, players, and investors, lie significant challenges, particularly concerning security and privacy. Web3 games, reliant on decentralized networks and smart contracts, are susceptible to vulnerabilities such as coding bugs, phishing attacks, and malicious smart contracts and bad actors.

My particular concern are the potential risks of viruses and malware embedded within the possibility of downloading a game in it’s early access to create review content for or having my dedicated machine compromised to such attack vectors. These threats are quite real and prevalent in crypto and can create risk to personal information and financial assets even with the best measures in place to prevent this.

Personally, I love creating reviews, if the community allowed the resources towards a dedicated machine I’d be able be more committed and having a machine solely only for gaming, I can mitigate risks and ensure a safer environment for myself and review newer titles for our community to help bolster sales efforts and sleep better.

Currently THX BV have plans to combine our lotteries and gaming reviews into the following flow.

  • Prasanth prospects potential lottery communities and takes lottery requirements (purchasable + transferable in game assets) into account
  • Phillip (bounty) records video reviews
  • Mieszko outreach with review videos
  • We "propose/sell" to lottery partners using the reviews
  • Generate rewards based on the proposal for the community
  • Juan (bounty) executes lottery campaigns
  • The Community earns rewards

Proposal Details:

  1. Fundraising Goal: Secure $2,000 in funds through the community incentives allocated, to the community and purchase an intel machine with the following specifications (example below)

    Processor: Intel Core i7 14700F | 5.40GHz | 20 Core 28 Thread Processor
    Processor Cooling: 120mm All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler
    Case: Leaper Edge Tank RGB ATX Case
    Motherboard: Intel B760 [M-ATX] DDR5 WiFi Motherboard
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER 16GB Graphics Card
    Memory: 16GB [5200MHz] DDR5 RAM
    Operating System SSD: 1TB Gen 4 NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
    Power Supply: 750W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
    Running Windows 10
    With a 1 Year Return Warranty (Terms & Conditions)

  2. Execution Plan:

The computer will be purchased through a reliable builder such as Techfast or Scorptec here in Australia and the transaction information and build will be shared/highlighted in the community.

Risks and Mitigation:

Engaging in a buying a PC introduces risks such as short term potential market impact. However, these risks are mitigated in the longer term by being able to for fill my duty better as a creator and create awesome videos.

If in a later date content creation ceases ie; the Bounty programs end then the community may propose to choose what they’d like to do with the computer provided it is a reasonable proposal.


The build costs $3,199.00 AUD which equates to $2139.52 USD at this time of writing but I will be paying the difference of 139.52

Next Steps:

This proposal will be open for community discussion and feedback for a minimum of one week. It then is subject to validation by the Governance Council. Following this period, we will proceed to a formal vote among THX community members on . This process is described in the Proposal Workflow.

Upon approval, the core team will coordinate with Phillip and the computer will be acquired.

The responsibility for approving this proposal falls on the THX community and will be voted upon by token holders and I will be abstaining from voting. Upon approval the executing is up to the multisig holders. All on-chain transactions are routine operations performed from the Gnosis safe.

I look forward to your feedback and support for this proposal.

Phillip Reidy

I find it quite legit to get a dedicated tool for this kind of work if this is the way THX want to take for it’s future to multiply it’s contribution to Web3 games to create more bonds with those games and attract more collaboration / subscription to THX features.


Great to see a true community led proposal :yellow_heart:

Could you give some examples what reasonable steps would be? Perhaps we can update the proposals with these?

And second, I’m by no means an expert but the hardware seems a bit overkill for the average game, let alone a web3 game. This results in a rather hefty $2000 budget.

Is there a way to tone that part down and invest that budget in a good recording set up and recording software? For example go for something like the $1000 gaming build from Best PC Builds for Gaming 2024: From $500 Budgets to $4,000+ | Tom’s Hardware ( and invest another $250 in recording + software.
To give this some context; the current video’s lack engagement past 01:00, meaning they need to be more engaging with features like picture in picture, good sub-titles and other forms of editing.

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Thank you for your thoughtful input and for recognizing the community-led aspect of the proposal. I appreciate your suggestion about the hardware and would like to address both points.

### Reasonable Steps for the Community:

If the bounty programs end, the community could consider the following options for the computer:

  1. Reallocation: Use the machine for other community projects or creators who need it for content creation provided that the machine transport costs can be covered.
  2. Auction: We could organize a community auction similar to our lottery, and use the proceeds if we really needed them.
  3. Or we could just resell the machine on eBay or I can buy it back at a proposed value.

Hardware Specifications and Budget:

Completely understand your concern about the hardware being potentially over-specified for the average web3 game. My intention behind selecting high-end components is to future-proof the setup and be an upgrade to my existing system I use for gaming as well keeping in mind 3. of the above if that time ever came.

Alternative Budget Allocation:

I’m open to optimizing the budget as suggested:

I currently have a pretty good R0de mic, and I recently ditched my adobe products to just use Shotcut, I found Shotcut to be a better editing software to what we were doing.
as for the picture and picture, these are supported within the software. Subtitles; I recently got a subscription to while it’s not as amazing as Veed, I am finding the tool to do a good job.

Engagement Improvement:

I acknowledge the need to enhance engagement in the videos. Implementing features like picture-in-picture, better subtitles, and more dynamic editing are excellent suggestions. I believe mostly it would lie on my own training knowledge for video editing and I’m continuously trying to improve without breaking the clock on each bounty.

Additionally what has been suggested before Mieszko, is live playthroughs, perhaps we can do 1 a week with a picture in picture video of me playing behind a green/blue screen ( I am actually quite fortunate enough to have these due to my work with puppets ) Example of a picture in picture reviewer here

Next Steps:

We can revise the proposal when it’s live to incorporate the reasonable steps for the community and additionally I’d like to chat about this on Discord and make more engaging content.

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