Funding proposal THX DAO -> THX Network BV


THX Network BV is requesting funding from the THX DAO, effective as of 1st of March, for the remaining seven months of 2023 to support further growth of the protocol. The proposal is for the DAO to acquire funds by removing them from the liquidity pools, carefully designed not to use more than 25% of available treasury USDC, ETH or MATIC funds. The estimated available funding using this method is approximately €80.000.


Since launching in December 2021, the THX Network protocol has come a long way. It has a fully functioning gamified loyalty protocol and API operational, built by THX Network BV, and used by a number of launching customers. No community funds have been used to accomplish this. However, further growth of the protocol is necessary to sustain its success. THX Network BV has raised capital from both business angels and Techstars, and now is requesting a funding contribution from THX DAO to support its next steps.

The proposal seeks to provide the necessary funding to support the development, management, and sales/marketing of the protocol, enabling the protocol to further evolve which ultimately benefits the DAO and its members.

We believe that this proposed budget will enable THX Network BV to continue to develop the protocol and market its platform all while keeping the costs to the DAO under control. Most importantly, the sustained support gives a strong signal to future partners and investors that both the THX Network protocol and company are well-positioned to achieve their strategic goals in 2023 and beyond.

We look forward to your feedback and approval of the proposed budget. Thank you for your consideration.


The proposal involves removing funds from liquidity pools, which will lower liquidity for the $THX token. However, this risk can be mitigated by narrowing Uniswap GAMMA managed ranges. Additionally, the proposal has been carefully designed not to use more than 25% of available treasury funds.


The proposal involves acquiring funds by removing them from the liquidity pools, with an estimated available funding of $88,160 or approximately €79.870. The breakdown of funds to be removed is as follows:

liquidity* removal
Balancer (USDC 20/ THX 80 Polygon): $653,793 25.00% $32,690
Balancer (WMATIC 50/ THX 50 Polygon): $72,721 23.50% $8,545
Uniswap (USDC/THX Polygon): $221,800 25.00% $27,725
Uniswap (WETH/THX Ethereum): $153,000 25.00% $19,125
Total $88,084 €79,874
* balances as of 5th of May '23

The monthly budget will be allocated to development (€6,380), sales and community management (€3,300), marketing + ads and/or PR (€1,750). Running for seven months, the remainder of 2023, this totals to €80,010.

Next steps:

First, this proposal will be open for discussion for a minimum of three days. Next, it can be signaled to move to a vote. It then is subject to validation by the Governance Council and when approved will proceed to be posted on for voting. This process is described in the Proposal Workflow. Since this will be the first formal use of by the THX DAO, the environment is being set up in the meantime.

The responsibility for approving this proposal falls on the THX DAO and will be voted upon by token holders. Upon approval the executing is up to the multisig holders. All on-chain transactions are routine operations performed from the Gnosis safe using either the Balancer app, or the GAMMA interface using Walletconnect.


Tagging the Governance Council for visibility. Discussion and feedback is appreciated!

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  • What’s the current runway looking like?

  • Is there a commercialisation strategy for when this round of DAO transfers run out?


Understandable that this is necessary with the current investment climate. Great solution to extend the company’s runway and set ourselves up for future success. Approved.


Great questions and thanks for asking :slight_smile:

  • for competitive and commercial reasons we don’t disclose the exact runway of THX Network BV, that being said, you can always access the latest pitch (PDF Google Drive) and slide 10 provides a good indication by showing when we will be looking to raise seed funds (beginning of next year)

  • yes, there is a commercialization strategy. the monthly subscription fees (see pricing page) are fundamental to it and we’re aiming for €20k monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The THX DAO does not provide the full amount of funding in an ideal scenario, it’s closer to 50%, so we have been and will continue to raise from other sources.

In closing; the THX DAO is currently not staking or otherwise generating yield on its assets. Staking the current 50/50 Balancer pool, for example, should yield $10k+ per year and give the DAO some sustainable funding for activities like community building. If you’re interested, I’m happy to explore that route as a next step to empowering the THX DAO.


I believe that providing funding to THX Network BV from the THX DAO will enable the company to continue its growth and development, ultimately benefiting the DAO and its members. Therefore, I recommend supporting the proposed budget.


@governance-council the proposal has been open for enough time and has gathered both feedback and early support. Requesting this proposal to move towards vote on

Because this is a important proposal, let’s formalize the approval vote below.

Is this a well-defined proposal, ready to move to a vote?
  • YES, valid proposal criteria met
  • NO, valid proposal criteria not met

0 voters

Ps. proposal workflow available here Proposal Process & Template - Road to DAO - THX Network - Google Docs

Thank you @governance-council for your assessment of the proposal. Five out of seven members voted, meeting the majority requirement, and all unanimously assessed that ‘YES, the proposal is well-defined and meets the criteria to move to a vote’.

The proposal will be move to a vote Monday 22st of May ~12:00 CET. For the discussing the voting strategy, see Feedback Snapshot Voting Strategy v1.0.

Again thanks for everyone reading, commenting and validating the proposal. See you next week at the vote!